WordPress & WooCommerce

WordPress & WooCommerce Development

Whatever job it is – if it is related to WordPress, then we can do it. Since years we create websites based on WordPress. Furthermore we develop custom WP & WooCommerce plugins. Our current portfolio counts more than 30 plugins and more than 40 websites. In short: you can trust us.

WordPress – a wise Choice

Many people ask us why they should use WordPress as a content management system. Well basically there are 4 main arguments against hosted solutions like Shopify or Wix:


Give us the scepter of your WordPress website creation and we help you to setup everything correctly. We recommend you with themes, plugins and content strategy. 


Got a slow WordPress website? Website visitors hate waiting for websites to load. 2/3 leave a site if it does not load within 2 seconds. We help you improving your WP website speed by analyzing and adjusting all Website settings.


Are you ready to sell products online or do you already have an existing online shop? We help you setting up or improving your WooCommerce online shop – no matter what request you have.


Tired of updating WP core, plugins and themes all the time? You should not and focus on your business! We maintain all security and website updates for you. Safe updates including daily backups for free.


At some point you may do not find a fitting plugin or you have adjustments on existing themes / plugins. Luckily we can help you with that. No matter if it is a new or existing extension, we can customize it for you.

Website Creation

Creating a WordPress website is easy. Site owners can setup & manage their own website with ease. In most of the cases however the configuration of themes, plugins and customizations affords special knowledge. You can waist your time with searching for an option for 2 hours for example – or you ask us and we set it in 5 minutes. Wise website owners know their limits and ask for help in the beginning.

What you get:

Speed Optimizations

Google and users do not recommend slow websites. Your website should be fast – no matter what smartphone, tablet or desktop pc your users have. No matter on what region they live or how fast their internet connection is. We take care, that your WP website runs fast.

What you get:

WooCommerce Shops

Start selling products with WordPress and the free WooCommerce plugin extension. We help you to build and optimize your WooCommerce webshop, so you can focus on improving your products.

What you get:

WordPress Maintenance

Updating WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes is a pain. Sometimes it breaks your site, sometimes small things suddenly stops to work. We take care about your WordPress website maintenance including safe updates, free daily backups and security & uptime checks.

What you get:

Customizations / Development

We not only sell WordPress & WooCommerce plugins, we also customize and develop own plugins for you. Everything is possible, we just need your detailed request and take care about the rest.

What you get: