Dot Net Web Application Development

ASP.NET Projects

DeUnscrambler - Word Unscrambler

DeUnscrambler is a real time Word unscrambler/Anagram solving tool which allows users to find and allows up to 2 wild card entries making the tool much more flexible for users to find more possible words that could be unscrambled.

Jay One Associates - CRM

Jay One Associates is an In-House Leads Management System with multiple Add-On module including SPO (Sales Person Officer) daily activity tracking, client communication and status management, Meetings/Visits scheduling, Sales Management Module, Company Drives etc. In future Jay One Associate plans to add Finance operations to the CRM as well.

Lender Management System

Lender Management System is an In-House CRM that is used to keep track of Lenders enlisted with the company. System also helps keep track of the Provider Companies and with different specification helps employees find the right fit in time of need. Additionally, all sales and commissions are managed through the CRM and after going through the set validation protocols the commissions are dispersed. Furthermore, the system includes quarterly surveys which each employee is required to fill out and sigh digitally before starting the new quarter. All notifications and activities are shared via integrated SMTP system.


The purpose of RKM Web Application is to over look complete process of the production factory. Some of the modules that exist in the CRM are Warehouse Module, Vendors module, Gate Passes, Receiving/Issuance module, Inventory control (thresholds), Sales Module, Purchases Module, F/O module, Accounts module and Employees modules.


OStaffed is a human resource management software. The product is a cloud-based solution with modules include payroll management, leave management, attendance management, and user management. The features of the product include shift management, employee self-service, reporting, workflow management, salary management, etc. The product is offered on a subscription-based pricing plan.